Colonial Shag Club Lessons

Beyond Beginner/Intermediate and will be taught by various instructors.  Colonial Shag Club instructors as well as guest instructors will provide a one-hour lesson from 6-7 PM.  Each lesson will be independent of other lessons.  "Beyond Beginner" level students should be fully capable of learning most of the move(s).  A schedule of instructors will be on the web site.

Additionally, starting February 2020 beginner instruction will start on the first Saturday of each month and run for either four or five weeks depending on how many Saturdays are in the month.  New students arriving on or after the third week of beginner instruction will have to wait until the next beginner session starts.

Videos of the entire series of "beginner" lessons are on the Colonial Shag Club's web site at 

(Please arrive at Two Left Feet in a timely manner so the lesson may start at 6 PM)

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