Colonial Shag Club Saturday Socials Postponed Until Further Notice

In view of the  guidance recommended by the Governor of the State of Virginia and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the Colonial Shag Club will not be dancing on Saturday nights nor providing the planned Saturday afternoon Basic shag lessons until further notice.  

Hopefully we are all aware of the serious impact the corona virus is having throughout the world.  One of the primary recommendations of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention is to "maintain social distance".  The very nature of the shag dance conflicts with this guidance.  In keeping with the premise to make decisions in the best interest of the Colonial Shag Club members and event attendees, the Board of Directors has decided to not dance nor provide Saturday afternoon lessons until further notice.

Regarding Basic-1 lessons on Saturdays at 4:30 PM, the lessons will be continued when it is determined appropriate and those who have paid for the series of four lessons will receive the full set of lessons.

We recommend you remain vigilant of Government and medical guidance provided for your benefit for the duration of the current threat presented by the corona virus.  

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