Colonial Shag Club Elections for 2020 Board

Candidates for the Board of Directors for 2020 will be announced at the Colonial Shag Club Saturday Social, October 19, 2019.  Current candidates for the positions are:

President -- Tim Kroskey
Vice President -- Sheila Kerr-Jones
Treasurer -- Rosalie Mitchell
Recording Secretary -- JR Jones
Corresponding Secretary -- Joe Mitchell
Director at Large -- Marion Butsavage
Director at Large -- Connie Sledd
Director at Large -- Mike Dyson
Director at Large -- Malcolm Mann

If you have an interest in serving the Colonial Shag Club in any of the above capacities please contact anyone on the Nominating Committee to express your desire.  Members of the Nominating Committee are:

Mel Hemphill (Chairperson)
Peggy Hemphill
Sheila Kerr-Jones
Mike Dyson
Delaine Milton

Those desiring to run for a position on the Board must provide a completed nomination application (click "here" for a copy of the form) to the Nominations Committee. 

Candidates will be finalized this Saturday, October 19, 2019, at a Special Meeting during the Saturday Social.  A final opportunity for one to become a candidate will be by nomination from the floor at that meeting.  Any Regular Member in good standing may be nominated from the floor by another Regular Member in good standing.  If there is only one candidate for each position then the announced candidates will be elected by acclimation. 

An election, if required, will be held at the Annual Meeting on Saturday, November 16, 2019.

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