Dance Lessons September 16th, 2017

Instructors will be Mel and Delaine. Lesson from 6:00 to 7:00. Please be prompt. If you are new and were not present for the first 2 weeks please wait until the next full beginner class ( Nov 4th ) to start your beginner lessons as the class is progressive. However there will be CSC members present to show the basic footwork to you if you are new.

Week 3:  Review wk 2 (Rotate partners; with/ without music) Encourage practice, practice, etc.

  • “Cuddle-Up”: Teach leaders on how to lead lady to a “cuddle up” closed position and then to “lead the lady out” in a ½ CCW turn. Male should be on lady’s left facing slot (90 degrees)
  • “Trail”:  The trail is an important shag move which keeps leader and follower on same end of slot plus. Male is off slot on left. This move requires a hand change going in to move and exiting from move. Do one full basic in the trail before leading lady out; back to open position.

Click this link to see the syllabus for beginner lessons weeks 1 thru 4

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