Colonial Shag Club Beginner Lesson Syllalbus

Suggested CSC Beginner Syllabus for CSC Instructors                  7-15-17

Week 1:  This is what should be taught, time permitting (Rotate partners; with/ without music)

  • Basic (Rhythm method) (step, step, step; step, step, step, rock, step) (change to 1&2, etc.)
  • Halo (Female) Turns in place( Male leads female to turn inside, CCW, in place)
  • Halo (Male) Turns in place (Man leads himself, (no lead to female)he turns  CCW, in place)
  • Shag Footwork (Talk/demo actual “Shag” dance; slot, footwork, hands on post, practice)

Week 2:  Review wk 1: (Rotate partners; with/ without music) Encourage practice, practice, etc.

  • Starter Step with Lead the Lady Out (Use count; step , touch, for 1, 2, then 3&4,rock, step)
  • Female Turn (Female turn, male gets off slot as he leads lady to opposite end of slot as he travels to opposite end of slot) They basically trade positions on each end of slot after move.
  • Male Turn ( Male gets off slot as he leads lady; he turns 1/4 turn CCW, goes under his own left arm and finishes his ½ CCW turn to face lady on the rock, step. Both have completed a ½ turn and are now on opposite ends of slot.
  • Front Tuck (push) turn female turn Man lifts his left hand, leads lady to turn CW in place.
  • Halo (Female) Turns in place( Male leads female to turn inside, CCW, in place)
  • Both Turn (Spin) in Place (After Tuck turn, Halo turn, add Spin turn, female CCW, male, CW)

Week 3:  Review wk 2 (Rotate partners; with/ without music) Encourage practice, practice, etc.

  • “Cuddle-Up”: Teach leaders on how to lead lady to a “cuddle up” closed position and then to “lead the lady out” in a ½ CCW turn. Male should be on lady’s left facing slot (90 degrees)
  • “Trail”:  The trail is an important shag move which keeps leader and follower on same end of slot plus. Male is off slot on left. This move requires a hand change going in to move and exiting from move. Do one full basic in the trail before leading lady out; back to open position.

Week 4: Review wk 3 (Rotate partners; with and without music) Encourage practice, practice, etc.

  • “Natural or Inside Turn”   A female inside turn (CCW) traveling down slot, from a closed position. Man leads from closed position, steps back in slot, he stays on same end of slot.
  • “Follow the Lady”: This move is a popular move for new students and experienced dancers that demonstrates a true lead and follow move while maintaining good framework. Can be repeated back down slot and also can be combined with the “Natural Turn” above.
  • Show/Demo Basic 8 count Pivot: Beginner students should start to become familiar with the “pivot” and understand the different count with the two additional walking steps. It’s probably important for new dancers to recognize the pivot for their own knowledge.

Week 5 (Optional) Review wk4; few months have 5 wks/Sat, Instructors preference, footwork variations, additional beginner type moves, techniques, dance floor etiquette, answer questions, etc.

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